Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Gluten free apple pie

I've been wanting to make an apple pie for a while now, it's always something I made as a child with my mum. My boyfriend is currently on a gluten free diet however, and isn't impressed when he can't sample my baking exploits! On advice from my mum (my dad has a gluten intolerance too) I got some DS brand pastry to use. I do want to try making my own pastry at some point, but this was much quicker for today.

As my hate for gluten free things seems to get stronger, this pastry was another challenge. The tiny block of pastry is nowhere near what you would get in a pack of normal ready made pastry! I saved a third off for the top, and rolled out my base, thinking this should be fine. I ended up re-rolling it about a million times, getting angrier each time! I kept having to take more off my reserve pastry to even cover the tin, and its a small tin!

Unfortunately this meant that the top ended up having a lot of holes/rips/issues. As this was just for home and I didn't exactly expect any more from the crazy pastry, I baked it anyway.
Awesome news, it was fine!
 Thanks goes to the extra large Starbucks mug for helping to get the pie from the tin. No sticking either!
 No apple pie is complete without custard! The only thing I'd change (apart from the pastry) would be to add a little more sugar. Maybe vanilla sugar?