Monday, 29 April 2013

Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Last week I made banana bread with chocolate chips, in cupcake cases. The result was actually really nice, I worried it would be a very thick and stodgy cake, too heavy to pass as a cupcake, but it worked!
 The original recipe I used is a banana and walnut cake, but everyone loves chocolate, and I had made this before with chocolate chips. I think chopped chunks always seem nicer and give the cakes a more homemade feel, and I love this chocolate.

This is a pointless picture of how my little measuring spoons make cute shapes from adding baking powder! The mix was pretty thick, because of all the mashed banana, and fairly lumpy to scoop. I also hadn't scaled down the recipe from a 1kg loaf tin, so I made way too much. I managed to fill 12 cupcakes, and 18 minis! However, since the fiasco with running out of mini cases for my market stall, I had barely any left for this either. I thought about how you always see those really nice hand-folded parchment cases, so i tried to shape a few using a shot glass to get the mini size. It kind of worked.. but some of them tried to open out in the oven so the cakes came out a funny shape! Strangely, the four I baked in parchment were much lighter and softer when baked, so I will definitely be trying this out on more of them, and in cupcake size!

I think I slightly overbaked them, they were good, but I like banana cake to be a bit squishy and to keep some of the banana there. I loved the look of the parchment cakes, I've seen them from places like Baked and Wired in DC, and I'd really like to try cupcake size.