Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Cakepops !

I made these little pops a while ago now, for my little cousin Eliza's first birthday party. I had made these maybe a couple of years ago and then a week before this. They're really fun to make and a little treat you can have with something else, or as a snack. For once I actually didn't take many photos of the baking process! Maybe I should get someone to just hang around me and take the photos so I don't forget so much. 

The insides are vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. I baked a batch of 12 cupcakes for the base, I know you can just stick it all in one tin, but I trust myself more to bake them as cupcakes. A waste of cases really, but I just used some rubbish ones I don't like from the bottom of the draw. I found it easier to make up the balls and refridgerate them for a while. Then I got everything else sorted and set up a makeshift assembly line. I used Candy Melts for the coating, its an american brand that I recently found in the Fenwicks near me. I've heard so much about them on other baking websites/blogs, and I've used them twice now. They're so easy to melt and it sets really fast without any refrigeration or complicated tempering, perfect for cakepops! I set up little dishes with different sprinkles so I could quickly roll the pops after coating them.

They came out really well I think! I'm not sure if maybe my cake should have been baked a bit longer, you want dry cake for this really because it gets mixed with the icing. I'd love to try some with a cream cheese frosting in it, cheesecake pops I'm thinking! I can't wait to use the Candy Melts I got from the Windsor Crafts place either, they would be great on cake pops, really bright.