Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Peanut butter is something I always see on American cake shows, as a flavour or a frosting, and its also something I really love! I had a really over the top idea for banana chocolate chip cakes with a peanut butter frosting, but I took it down a bit to just a chocolate cake here to save some stress.

I used my go to chocolate cupcake recipe, but for whatever reason, the cakes didn't rise quite enough to fill the cases. They do have bicarb and white wine vinegar in, so maybe I added it at the wrong time. The most important part was really the frosting. I used an internet recipe, but after scraping out my peanut butter I found I didn't have enough for the full recipe. I reduced all the ingredients by 20% to fix it to what I had already, but it ended up making a ridiculous amount anyway that I couldn't even get in my piping bag!

It took quite a while for it to come together really, and then I overbeat it so it was a little thick for piping. After all my ingredient stress and piping bag problems, it made way too much!
They turned out really well and were super tasty, rave results from my testers!