Saturday, 16 March 2013

Windsor Crafts, Warrington

I recently met up with my cousins and they told me a huge cake warehouse store had opened right near their house, with all kinds of supplies and cake making things (that I clearly need!) I've had a week off and so I drove up to meet up with her and the two cutest little girls ever so we could shop.Ignore the shop lady in the middle of the photo, she walked right in the way just as I was taking this..
Rows and rows of everything you can thing of to do with cakes/baking/crafts! Off to the left of this there's a cafe, so after the 2 hour drive up, we had lunch and a coffee. The girls were itching to run about and ran down the cafe to tell me you could buy sparkly cakes!
I spent a long time looking around, theres too much to look at (and of course, my little cousins needed to show me everything they found). Theres also this chocolate counter full of yummy looking things, but I didn't actually buy anything from here.
 Here's my haul! I only really wanted the teacup cutter, but the teapot will go with it. The house I wasn't keen on but I can use it for new home cookie presents I reckon! I got some square cutters with a scalloped side, heart shape plunger cutters, a modelling tool, two edible ink pens.. I got a lot! The candy melts I couldn't resist because of the added colour bits, but I don't know what I'm going to use them for..
The best thing I think I got was the little silver bottle in the middle, Popcorn flavouring! I'd never seen these flavours before, and there was SO many to choose from, even cocktail flavoured ones. This one smells amazing, just like fresh cinema popcorn. I think I'll try this one out, see how it bakes, and if it goes well I'll get more online.
I will definitely be visiting again!!!