Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Iced Biscuits

On Wednesday I made some cute little biscuits. My friend and I swapped very late birthday/christmas presents the day before, and one of mine was a cat shaped cutter! Following my usual recipe but swapping the flour out for gluten free, this time, it finally came together!! Usually it gets much too sticky and I end up adding flour, making the finished biscuit very dry. However, this time, the dough came together like normal dough does, and I set about cutting them. I had my new cat cutter, and a cute bird one I found at the back of the draw.

The little birds came out well, and it was a easy shape to lift. As for the cats.. they didn't fare so well. The tail part of the cutter is just too fragile and compared to its fat body, just falls off. I got a few onto the sheet and pushed the tails onto the others, but quite a few had oven issues!

 Yes.. one has no tail and a 90% decapitated head, oops. I'll blame the fragile gluten free recipe. I bought some squeeze bottles the other day and really wanted to try these out for icing biscuits. I used them for chocolate decorations and that showed me the bottle isnt easy to use unless its really full. My birds are going to a lovely pale blue, and the cats pink..because of the little girls I'm giving them to, who love pink.

 I outlined and then filled them, and while it was good for control when outlining, the bottle is hard to really squeeze. Good for small details I think, but not flooding a cookie. I'll stick to using icing bags (when I get round to buying more).  I tried out some patterns and mixes of colours too, really like the chevron one! The cats colour is a bit patchy on some, I wasn't happy with the dark colour, too much piping gel. These biscuits are stronger when they aren't gluten free, for future piping projects I'll make them with wheat flour!